Securing screws: Our locking elements will not loosen any screws!

Securing elements such as washers (wedge lock washers, ring washers, etc.) or nuts (wedge lock nuts, wheel lock nuts, stop nuts, etc.) prevent the loosening of screws. It is recommended to secure connections effectively, especially with critical screw connections, which are to withstand extreme vibrations, changing forces or dynamic loads and thus have to meet high safety standards.

Lock washers and locknuts prevent loosening or falling apart, if the locking elements are selected according to the hardness of the materials to be clamped and the degree of acting loads. For more information, see e. g. in our technical portal.

W.TEC®SECURING – Locking elements of the highest reliability

Under our W.TEC® brand, we are re-thinking parts from the field of connection technology and bundling innovations on a wide range of topics. When it comes to locking elements, our application experts continuously bring together requirements from the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering sectors and develop new, pioneering solutions.

W.TEC®SECURING are little helpers with great effect! Our locking systems secure screw connections reliably: the screw and the part to be joined remain firmly connected. The screw connection remains stable, the preload force is almost retained and the fastener stays in its initial position.

  • easy handling during installation, even in places that are hard to reach
  • fast and easy installation
  • compliance with safety standards
  • captive connection without quality and performance loss
  • reusable solution
  • subsequent integration into components
  • minimization of production standstill due to incorrect screw connections
  • procurement can be integrated into existing delivery infrastructure (using our Kanban solutions)
  • reduction of installation time and installation effort
  • reduction in variant and supplier diversity

Our technology portal

Fasteners and their securing is one of our specialties. In order to meet the diverse requirements of the market, our experts constantly and consistently analyse the current needs and future requirements of our customers from a wide variety of industries. This knowledge can be found in the form of technical background information and detailed considerations in our technical portal.

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