Career developments
Your path with us. Step by step.

An investment in the employees is an investment in the future.

Your path with us. Step by step.

An investment in the employees is an investment in the future.

Professional development at Würth Industrie Service

Get started successfully in the company.

At Würth Industrie Service, you can count on an extensive range of training opportunities. From product and sales trainings to language courses or IT seminars – we have all of these options in our training catalogue to help you qualify and develop personally as well as professionally according to your individual profile. Our series of trainings focus on Sales, Purchase, Logistics, Engineering and Apprenticeship. In addition to this, we encourage external opportunities for further development, for example, a degree course parallel to work or a training offered by IHK. We know, how valuable your knowledge is for us! Your supervisor conducts an individual appraisal and development discussion with you up to twice a year. Topics like your goals, performance, development and salary prospects are discussed here. We plan your professional future together with you.

An investment in the employees is an investment in the future.

We offer training and development programmes across all company divisions and hierarchy levels. Customised according to your personal strengths, we curate your training package with qualification programmes of Würth Academy and Würth Business Academy for your personal career path and that too, from day one. You additionally have the opportunity to develop yourself further academically in the Würth Business School while handling your work. No matter whether it is a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business administration. We combine theory, practice and professional experience.

Career paths at Würth Industrie Service

Different career paths

The specialist career path gives our talented specialists excellent opportunities to deepen their special skills further. Our experts in the specialist career paths manage knowledge, optimise processes and promote trendsetting innovations. Prospective managers are prepared step by step in different management modules for taking up responsibility of the employees. In the project management career program, experts manage important future projects and also expand their project management knowledge. Besides the classic career options, many more doors are open at Würth Industrie Service:

  • Trainer
  • Intern support
  • Overseas assignments
  • Participation in inter-divisional projects
  • Internal switch within the Würth Group
Training Würth Industrie Service

Welcome to Würth Industrie Service

We welcome our new colleagues warmly to our welcome event that lasts several days. The event provides an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and to connect with like-minded people. After two to three months, we arrange a review about the work done and to elaborate on the further content.

Individual training plans enables the new colleagues to get started effectively in different company divisions. After taking your personal capabilities, skills and potential into consideration, the general contents are supplemented by contents specific to the department and team. Within the first 24 months, we facilitate an exact coordinated training plan to help to prepare you thoroughly for your areas of activity.



Kununu Top-Company

We were honoured with the title of “Top Company” based on outstanding employee reviews (minimum 3 out of 5 possible points) by the employer-rating platform The employer is convincing especially when it comes to further development.

Career development. With know-how. With future. With vision.

Top innovator 2021


Top innovator 2021

We were honoured with the title of “: top innovator 2021” based on the innovation strategy by compamedia. Every individual is requested to contribute and reinvent himself/herself every day.