Spring band clamps for hose-nozzle connections

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Spring band clamps

Spring band clamps for the industry

Spring band clamps are self-tightening fasteners that are suitable for hose-nozzle connections thanks to their dynamic spring properties. The use of tempered spring steel strip gives the parts a very high degree of flexibility and thus they continually adapt to the changing properties of the operating temperatures and the pressure ratios of the hose and the nozzle. Once the spring band clamp is attached, there is no need to retighten it. With almost constant clamping force, spring band clamps ensure a continuous, leak-proof seal without damaging the hose or nozzle. Due to the large number of different assembly and locking variants, maximum potential applications are possible.

Spring band clamps are used primarily in the following industries:

  • Fluid systems
  • Engine construction
  • Hose systems
  • Commercial kitchens/Industrial dishwashers
  • Industrial air conditioners
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Floor cleaning machines
  • Campers
  • Heat pumps
  • Heating/air conditioning
  • Sanitary (e.g., toilets for ships, trains, aircrafts)
  • Food industry (e.g., bakery/coffee machines)
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Printing industry
  • White goods
  • Construction machinery
  • LPG plants
  • Compressors
  • Industrial trucks
  • Beverage industry (e.g. bottling plants)

Advantages of spring band clamps for connecting hoses with sockets:

  • High flexibility through continuous adaptation to changing characteristics, e.g. temperature fluctuations of the fastening elements
  • Constant, uniform clamping force
  • Easy installation
  • No subsequent tightening necessary
  • High reusability, since spring force is not lost
  • High process reliability due to the leak-free hose-nozzle connection

Types of spring band clamps

Standard spring band clamp

The standard version is the original version of spring band clamps and suitable for applications without space restrictions. This self-tightening fastener offers a nearly constant contact pressure in a wide range of temperatures and pressure conditions. With the help of pliers, the clamp can be attached and removed for a secure and effective installation.

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Space-saving spring band clamps

The space-saving version has the same features as the standard spring band clamp. Due to the shortened and flattened mounting ends, the spring band clamp is space-optimized. It is advisable to carry out the installation and removal with the help of hose clamp pliers in this case as well.

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Pre-stressed spring band clamp

The space-saving spring band clamp is also available as a pre-opened version with a plastic handy clip. Thanks to the use of handy clips, the installation time is considerably reduced, as no tools are needed. For complete assembly, the clip is removed by simply pulling it off. In addition, this clamp is suitable in case of space limitations.

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  • High-strength, alloyed spring steel 51CrV4
  • High level of protection against brittle fracture, especially at low temperatures


  • Multi-layered & environmentally friendly chrome(VI)-free coating
  • Zinc-containing, inorganic base coat and organic top coat
  • Complies with the automobile regulations (RoHS compliant)

Corrosion protection

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, temperature (up to 210 °C) and chemicals
  • Guaranteed 720h salt spray resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227

Available nominal diameters & bandwidths

  • Nominal diameters 9.0 mm to 90 mm
  • Bandwidths 8.4 mm, 10 mm & 12 mm


  • Depending on the hose-nozzle combination, connections of up to a maximum of 11 bar can be fastened


  • DIN 3021 Hose clamps - spring band clamps
  • DIN 3021-1 Dimensions, designation, materials and design
  • DIN 3021-2 Technical delivery conditions
  • DIN 3021-3 System spring band clamp – hose – nozzle
Hose clamps
Pro Contra
Wide diameter rangeRigid system
Cost-effective production for large diameters High maintenance
High hose pulling forcesComparatively expensive for small diameters
 Complex and expensive installation tool: torque and closing speed must be controlled
 Risk of injury due to protruding band
Ear hose clamp
Pro Contra
Corrosion-resistant base material Very rigid fastener
Small clamp widthPossible hose damage
Low space requirementsNot reusable (destructive dismantling)
High hose pulling forces Special pliers necessary for installation
Cost-effectiveHigh force required for installation
 Very small working range (highly dependent on diameter)
 The force of the clamp depends on the pressing force of the assembly tool (complex controls required)
Spring band clamps  
Pro Contra
Highly flexible Dependent on diameter
Simple installation even on hard-to-reach connectionsComparatively high demands on the hose-nozzle system
Very even surface pressure (distribution of radial force) Hose-nozzle system must be taken into account
Adhesion to the hose possible in pre-opened condition 
Protects the hose 

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