C-Parts. With Certainty.

Würth Industrie Service is certainly your reliable partner for C-Parts. We ensure that you, as our customer, have the right quantity of small parts with the right quality for your production requirements at the right time and at the right point of use (Six-R rule). It is precisely this reliability aspect that makes our customers trust our solutions.

Six-R rule
6R Rule

The "Six-R rule" describes the six overarching goals that back up the brand "C-Parts. With Certainty". This means providing

  • the right product
  • at the right time
  • in the right place
  • in the right quantity
  • with the right quality and
  • at the right price
  • in a sustainable way.
Continuous batch tracability
Batch tracebility

Batch traceability is continuously given – from goods receipt to picking, right through to goods issue.

Goods receipt
Automatic batch numbering at time of posting goods receipt in SAP
Linking the delivery batch to the SAP batch
Link to our upstream supplier's delivery note

Batch number included on all goods movements and postings
Batch number included in both ERP systems

Goods issue
Batch number visible to the customer on the Würth delivery note
Batch also printed on the Kanban label

Innovative technologies
Innovative logistics
  • 15.5 km conveyor
  • Fully computerised processing: SAP and own Kanban Management System (KMS) for data capture, SCS sorting system for finished goods shipments (buffering and discharge in accordance with the specified sort order; order consolidation)
  • OSR shuttle warehouse used as small parts storage for picking, as a "goods-to-man" based buffer system and as temporary storage for ready-to-ship orders
  • Kanban shipping with load control
  • Non-Kanban shipping with RFID gate for load control
  • Notification of goods receipts and credit note processing
  • Three state-of-the-art high-rack warehouses with approximately 90,000 storage positions (automatic retrieval systems)
  • Own KMS system for live monitoring of the conveyor system and current replenishment levels throughout Europe
  • In-house bin cleaning system
Zero-defect logistics
Zero-defect logistics
  • Constant fault detection and analysis
  • 11 test stations for checking all picking positions
  • Payment system in logistics (quantity, quality, order and cleanliness)
  • Storage of item images and drawings in the system
  • Camera inspection system for bin recognition
  • Picking in the high-rack warehouse via touch screen
  • Quality controller in logistics
  • Item master data entry in goods receipt capturing image and weight data

Accessibility and delivery capability - even outside normal business hours - are still key issues in the manufacturing industry. Würth Industrie Service has been responding to these needs for many years and supports you, the customer, with availability around-the-clock for parts under contract via the European distribution centre in Bad Mergentheim.

Please note that you can take advantage of this service

7 days a week and 24 hours a day

In the event of bottlenecks for your additional C-Parts requirements.

If you would like to require further information, please contact us at logistik@wuerth-industrie.com.