Customer reference: AGCO | Fendt – Supply security through RFID technology

The farmers and contractors using Fendt tractors, loading wagons and harvesters achieve their goals more quickly and earn more profit. In over 80 years of company history, Fendt has introduced ground-breaking technological developments onto the market and set important milestones in agricultural engineering. This history will continue, because Fendt has always stood for progress as a tradition. In order to ensure the quality of its vehicles, Fendt depends on partners who operate flexibly and innovatively and are characterised by continuous reliability and quality.



A reliable supply of production resources is proving to be more important than ever in case of any peaks in production and manufacturing demands as well as during the period of the ongoing coronavirus crises. If a sensitive small part is missing in the ongoing production, it can set back the work in time, cause unnecessary downtime and ultimately affect the costs. In order to avoid these fallouts, it is important to establish a process which provides the goods exactly where and when they are required – without any manual effort, diversions, additional time and procurement efforts.


Objective of the new production supply

  • Increase in productivity in intralogistics
  • Innovative technologies
  • Maximum transparency
  • Reducing coordination efforts
  • Reduction of time-consuming, manual activities

The solution: iSHELF®

Since connected and coordinated logistics processes are the basis for Industry 4.0 in modern C-Parts management, production lines are becoming more flexible and digitalisation is proving to be more indispensable, Würth Industrie Service considered the use of RFID technology as an important and pioneering solution for the location to combine progress and tradition! In this context, the decision was taken to implement an RFID supported Kanban system along with the intelligent shelf iSHELF®. The four storage locations of Fendt are now equipped with intelligent RFID shelves iSHELF®. At the core of the technology are the transponders integrated with the Kanban bin, which save the information such as bin type, item number, description, filling quantity, batch and automatically reorder the item, as and when required. If a bin is empty, then the iSHELF® installed shelves directly detect it via an integrated sender-receiver-unit in the shelf. The shelf reads the RFID chip and transfers the information about the item and quantity directly to the ERP system (SAP) as well as to the Kanban-Management-System (KMS) developed in-house. The advantages of iSHELF® are very clear: by completely automating the ordering process, the potential sources of errors are specifically prevented. The required goods are picked-up from the logistics centre of Würth Industrie Service and then dispatched. Onsite, a system administrator of Würth Industrie Service fills the bins in the shelves at the storage facilities.

The result: increased supply security, prompt availability of goods, reduction of procurement effort, inventories and costs.

Andreas Schmid, location head at AGCO | Fendt Waldstetten, has referred to the implementation of RFID Kanban as a major step forward which will open up new possibilities by reducing coordination efforts and efficiently designing the processes.


Further success stories of our supply systems

Nowadays, electronic system solutions are the be-all and end-all of an efficient sourcing of C parts.

For instance, for Gerhardi, a driver of innovation, a scanner-based sourcing system with connection to an online shop is an indispensable precondition for a smoothly running just-in-time production. This is why they looked for an automated process that was standardized but still allowed for flexible orders as well.

GERHARDI nutzt elekronische Lösungen der Würth Industrie Service