When management becomes a culture

Engaging in culture and the arts is firmly anchored in the Würth Group. That makes it part of Würth Industrie Service too, and it combines interaction with everyday business in an inspiring environment.

The former Deutschorden-Kaserne barracks has served as the corporate headquarters of Würth Industrie Service for over 20 years. The Deutschorden-Kaserne barracks on the "Drillberg" in Bad Mergentheim was closed when the armed forces across Europe were reduced in size in the early 1990s. The armoured brigade 36 that was stationed there was relocated and taken out of service in 2003. The barracks site was acquired by the Würth Group in 1999 and converted by Würth Industrie Service into a European logistics centre using the existing infrastructure to serve industrial customers. The company wants to remember the military history of the Drillberg and revive the spirit of the brigade stationed there for 30 years with their command, which is why it unites the past and the present.

We will take a look at the 800-year history of the Bad Mergentheim region through a social and political lens and examine the history of Europe in this context. The purpose of this journey through past political, military and economic leadership is to highlight the complexity of responsible leadership behaviour from different eras. It will cover the Teutonic Order, the Weimar Republic, the national socialist rule of terror and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the Bundeswehr and one of the most successful German business enterprises of the post-war period: the Würth Group.

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Art and culture events

The engagement with art and culture is firmly anchored in the Würth Group and thus also in Würth Industrie Service, combining interaction with everyday business in an inspiring environment.

Art and culture at Würth industry Service

Art & culture – far from procurement solutions

Find out more about the art of Würth in all its forms and enjoy
the diverse exhibitions that are included as part of a varied framework programme. With the "Culture at Würth" seasonal programme, you can expect true variety with a wide range of events. The Würth Group has four museums in the Hohenlohe region. They serve as the premises of the Würth art collection, which was created by Prof. Reinhold Würth.

Culture in the Main-Tauber district

After a hike through the native forests to the Würth Industrial Park, culture and history enthusiasts are granted a glimpse behind the scenes at one of the largest employers in the region. As part of the hiking day, you will have the opportunity to take part in one of the guided tours through the exhibitions "Leadership Culture Around the Drillberg — Then and Now" and "Insights into the History of Tank Development". Take a look at the historic past of the Drillberg.

Hiking day

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