Document management for your hazardous substances

Our comprehensive document management system "isi!! Hazardous Substance Management" helps you safely through the jungle of paragraphs. Our DMS makes it easier for you to collect and manage documents relating to your hazardous substances, so that you have more time for your core business. You have access to our tool with your online shop account logged in via the services.

isi!! Hazardous materials management includes the following functions:

  • You will find the safety data sheets for all your chemical-technical products. If there is a change in a safety data sheet, we will also inform you by mail. So you are always up to date without having to spend time on your own research.
  • The system contains all current operating instructions for your Würth products. In addition, you have the possibility to create your own operating instructions for your individual use based on defined mandatory fields.
  • According to the ordinance on hazardous substances, companies are obliged to keep a list of hazardous substances. With isi!! Hazardous substance management, this is totally simple! With just one click, you can create a hazardous substance directory that contains all the hazardous substances you use.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that all employers must assess the risks to which employees are exposed. These risk assessments often involve a great deal of effort. isi!! Hazardous materials management provides you with checklists for hazard assessments adapted to your company. This saves you time and allows you to see at a glance which points still need to be addressed.

See the demo version to get an idea of the many fields of application!




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