Hazardous Substance Management CPS®CHEMICAL by Würth Industrie Service

The use, storage and disposal of industrial chemical products is heavily regulated by law. Regulations, directives and laws clearly define the correct handling of many different chemicals for individual work areas within a company. The handling of hazardous materials is regulated in the German ordinance on hazardous substances and the German chemicals act. These laws are designed to protect people and the environment. The German health and safety act also prescribes measures to protect the health and safety of workers.

Our CPS®CHEMICAL hazardous materials management program offers a comprehensive range of services to enable you to meet the statutory requirements for your Industrial chemical products:

Hazardous materials management
Your benefits
Hazardous materials management
  • Right handling of many different chemicals
  • Minimizing of potential risks
  • Less administrative effort
  • Reduction of costs
  • Focus on the core business
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