Company strategy of Würth Industrie Service
Looking forward together in the same direction.

Following principles. Focusing. Acting.

Looking forward together in the same direction.

Following principles. Focusing. Acting.

The corporate strategy of Würth Industrie Service

What characterizes us. What drives us. What is important to us.

We aspire to be number 1 in the eyes of our customers and thus be the comprehensive partner in C-Parts management at national as well as international level. Visions don’t happen by chance. They are a result of our future-oriented and progressive thinking and action.

C-Parts. With Certainty. We are forging the path with this approach. We want to inspire our customers with our products and services. Similarly, we aspire to provide C-parts to the manufacturing industry at the right time, to the right place and in the right quantity. The customer should consider us as a partner who is synonymous with maximum process reliability and reliability of supply as well as maximum certainty of system and product quality.

We want to not only satisfy our customers, but also inspire them. Customer satisfaction corresponds to perception of the customer to the level at which individual requirements are fulfilled while the customer delight goes one step further. It happens if the expectations are exceeded in unexpected ways. Our mission is to operate in such a manner in all divisions of the company that we continue to inspire our customers in all that we do.

Young, happy, optimistic and hard-working – one of the statements which describe the company in its essence. Würth Industrie Service is synonymous with strong values such as fairness, mutual respect and trust, straightforwardness and reliability as well as predictability and honesty. Respect for the work of employees as well as gratitude and recognition are a matter of course. This also applies to interaction of the management and employees in the company with one another as well as to contact with customers and business partners. It is the only way of ensuring a trustful management and cooperation.

Compliance is for all at Würth Industrie Service. Lawful conduct, practiced matter of course and core requirement are important for business success for Würth Industrie Service.

We strive for growth and increasing the market share. We consistently pursue everything that has proven to be successful and we try out new things for achieving this target. In doing so, we make continuous development and demand for perfection according to the principle of our business. In this way, we shape the vision of tomorrow.


Combining forces – Twelve success factors

The Würth Industrie Service strategy consists of twelve success factors, which are all individually important, but are all also interconnected. There is no success factor that only relates to a single department.

Product range

The pre-requisite for professional industrial C-Parts handling: A product range with more than 1,400,000 items. From classic connection and fastening technology, norm and standard parts, auxiliary and operating materials such as personal protective equipment and chemical-technical products to special parts as per design which is in form of individual service concept tailored to specific requirements. In our market, it is crucial to have a product range that is characterised by variety and quality and to keep an eye on customer requirements. Our product range is growing with the needs of our customers and with new branches opening up. We enable our customer to consolidate suppliers and thus save costs and time with our broad product range, paired with flexibility in creating special items.

Success factor Product range of Würth Industrie Service
Success factor Internationalisation of Würth Industrie Service


Our customers are active at international level and utilise the potential of global market as we do. These customers can be supported integrally only through international presence. Würth Industrie Service is a company with global presence. With Würth Industrial NetWORK, WINWORK®, a network of more than 40 countries, we can respond specifically to the individual requirements of globally operating individual customers. Thus, we provide standardised processes, process and system solutions as well as homogeneous quality globally.

Customer proximity

We are able to familiarise ourselves thoroughly with the individual customer and the market in which he operates, create a basis of trust and acquire the specific knowledge the customer requires by having close contact with the customer. We achieve this by providing personalised support from our office and field staff to each individual customer. Individual system administrators are also available onsite for logistics handling. A collaborative partnership and our know-how enables us to identify the trends and needs at an early stage and develop customised solutions as per the requirements of the customers. At Würth Industrie Service, customer proximity does not only mean a geographical feature. We maintain personal contact with customers not only through regular visits and digital contact points but also through numerous events that make us special.

Success factor Customer proximity of Würth Industrie Service
Success factor Systems Würth Industrie Service


Automated. Direct. Safe. Customised. For each industry. For all purposes. For every need of the customer. Würth Industrie Service has evolved from being supplier of fasteners to being holistic C-Parts partner integrated in the procedural landscape of the industry. The major contributing factor in this development are our “systems" in form of supply concepts, supplementary services relating to our extensive product portfolio. An additional value in form of optimised process can be offered to the customer by using these systems, for e.g. through simplified procurement solutions, fully automated replenishment, through optimised dispensing/storage or improved digital data and information flow.

The optimum delivery chain

One essential element for the optimum delivery chain is the alignment of direct supply to all our customers in Europe through centralised logistics. Thus, our industry customers can achieve maximum supplier consolidation and reduce flows of goods as well as avoid freight-intensive small shipments. We can ensure the capacities of a consolidated, qualified delivery chain, a high level of service and an efficient use of storage capacities only by ensuring continuous development for our delivery partners and establishing long-term partnerships. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously optimise the delivery chain to inspire our customers.

The optimum delivery chain of Würth Industrie Service
Innovations at Würth Industrie Service


Innovations for the production of tomorrow – To compete in the global market, productions constantly face new challenges. In the age of Industry 4.0, intelligent, self-organising, networked systems are in demand. Starting from innovative Kanban technologies about electronic solutions for fast, independent ordering of production material to new vending machine technologies. As a result of closely collaborating with research and industry we are aware of the problems faced by manufacturing companies and thus handle innovations, which evolve together with the world of manufacturing and its increasing demands. Customer needs drive innovations forward. We come up with new ideas frequently from daily work with our customers.


The focus is increasingly on networking beyond the boundaries of the company. In the course of global nature of competition, shorter product life cycles and high pace of innovation, digital and transparent processes and solutions are essential for the productivity of the customers. In order to avoid frictional losses in digitalised value-added chains and to be able to operate efficiently in today’s world, humans should interact with machines and machines with machines. In the example of Würth Industrie Service, these are intelligent bins and delivery systems, RFID-supported Kanban systems as well as the ORSYmat vending machines with the function to automatically reorder. Our customers are guaranteed complete transparency in C-Parts management via WIS-portal.

Success factor Digitalisation Würth Industrie Service
Quality and certainty at Würth Industrie Service

Quality and certainty

We keep track of the needs of our customers. Therefore, our philosophy is to continuously improve the processes and quality at every step of our work. The accreditation of our testing laboratory for over 50 standard-compliant procedures as well as the accreditation by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 validate our competence and rigorously implemented quality management. Our brand “C-Parts. With Certainty." shows that we are synonymous with supply security in the market.

Corporate and leadership culture

A trusting set of basic values and management culture associated with it are crucial today for the success of the company and will be even more so in the future. They are not only the basis to convince new colleagues about our company, to retain them for a long-term but also are the basis for earning trust of customers and other business partners. Our corporate and leadership culture is noticeably different from that of other companies. It follows a standardised general line, which is still characterised by trust, modesty and humbleness, but also by motivation, willingness to learn and simply by tremendous pleasure in work and success. Our permanent exhibition offers a journey through 800 years old past leadership culture “Leadership culture around Trillberg – then and now”.

Success factor Corporate and leadership culture Würth Industrie Service
Focus on people

Focus on people

People buy from people. For this reason, the determination to succeed, an optimistic attitude, commitment, reliability, resilience, team spirit, respect and trust are the basic characteristics which sets apart our way of working together and collaborating with our customers. Our employees also focus on the people while working. The word “Thank you” is especially important while dealing with each other. Reconciling work and family life as well as including people with disabilities is also a major factor for us. Treating people with dignity is of utmost importance to us.


Our customers expect us to be a competent partner. Competence requires knowledge. This can only be achieved with relevant know-how. Our knowledge about our customers, our systems, products, services and processes. What we learn today will help us tomorrow in improving our service towards our customers. Specialised experts for different product groups such as occupational safety, chemical, special and drawing parts as well as workplace design and also for system solutions ensure requirement-oriented use and application directly at the location of the customer. We additionally invest in Competence Centres for our industry-specific know-how. All this allows for best possible support in the market.

Success factor Knowledge Würth Industrie Service
Sustainability in the company


Global issues such as climate change, scarcity of natural resources, ever-shorter economic cycles, increase in world population as well as demographic change are increasingly changing the markets, demand-related behaviour and hence our corporate actions are facing new challenges. At the right place: this means not only from Flensburg to Freiburg to us, but above all: to your company. We supply directly to the point of use, even to the far corners of the world! We are in excellent position to provide the customers with personal point of contact in over 40 countries for this purpose. In doing so, we keep an eye on sustainable and conscientious action and high demands for careful use of resources in line with economic objectives.