Refill spray cans with the returnable REFILLO® system

Do you use different aerosol cans in your production and you are looking for a system to automatically refill your aerosol cans?

Our REFIILLO® systems provide a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for refilling aerosol cans. Unlike conventional aerosol cans, they are not based on propellant gas, but on compressed air, thus making a significant contribution to our environment. With the use of these systems, the storage of numerous aerosol cans becomes a thing of the past and the storage space can be used for other purposes. In addition, you reduce the waste generated by emptied aerosol cans and thus reduce disposal costs.

REFILLO®mat - multi-use system

REFILLO®mat – automated refilling of spray cans with active ingredient and compressed air

With the REFILLO®mat you no longer have to worry about the individual process steps of refilling - the REFILLO®mat does this automatically. All you have to do is press the can to be refilled onto the station and within seven seconds the can is refilled with the optimum ratio of active ingredient and compressed air.

Due to the coding system used, only the appropriate can for the corresponding station can be used. This means that the REFILLO®mat cannot be confused with the active ingredient.



REFILLO® – manual refilling of spray cans with active ingredients and compressed air

With the REFILLO® system, you use our system for manual refilling.
The functionality is very simple and the coding system does not cause any changes in the active ingredients.

Open the screw cap.

1. Open the screw cap of the spray can.

Filling of the active ingredient.

2. Fill in the active ingredient and close the lid of the can.

Apply compressed air.

3. By placing the can in the charging station, compressed air is automatically applied. (max. 6 bar connection pressure)

Your adavantages at a glance

  • Storage is quick and simple, e.g. in ORSY racks or in the safety cabinet for hazardous materials. Each ORSY1 rack structure can accommodate 1–3 REFILLO®mat machines for 20 litre canisters. Or if you have higher demands, you could opt for the drum REFILLO®mat for 60 litre drums.
  • REFILLO®mat is a closed system that does not emit vapours.
  • REFILLO®mat is the filling station with a small footprint.
  • Cost reduction through the use of fewer large containers and elimination of can disposal costs.
  • By using compressed air as a propellant, you will be actively helping to protect the environment.


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