Fasteners with adhesive coating

Reactive system (adhesive systems)

  • Microencapsulation - DIN 267, part 27
    Complete coating of microencapsulated adhesive, which is activated by the screwing-in process and counteracts self-unscrewing after hardening.

Examples of use

  • Precote 30-3
  • Precote 80
  • Scotch-Grip

Coating method

  • Manual or mechanical
  • Flowing, dripping
  • Wave soldering

Viscosity control

  • DIN cup

Product features (finished product, hardened adhesive)

  • Reaction time when installed:
    24-72 hours at RT
    15-30 mins at 70°C
  • Lock against self-loosening
  • Vibration-proof
  • High breakaway torque MLB/MA > 0.9
  • Resistant to oils, grease, fuels
  • Fail-safe from -30°C to 150°C
  • Low coefficients of friction (product-specific)

Lubricated surfaces

  • In the case of surfaces with integrated and/or additionally applied lubrication, the specified requirements must be met at room temperature.
  • At higher temperatures, these values do not have to be met. The additional locking effect of the adhesive must be verified in a comparative test. The values of the MK-coated screws must be greater than the values of uncoated screws.
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