C-Parts management solutions for construction, rail and agriculture

CPS®CARGO: solutions for the construction and agricultural machinery industry, automotive construction, traffic engineering

CPS®CARGO - construction equipment manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers

Who is in charge of our well-developed infrastructure? Who makes sure goods are loaded smoothly? Who ensures that buildings remain stable as they grow towards the sky? The manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery, vehicles and rail transport do.

Würth Industrie Service decided more than five years ago to specialise its key account management in this sector to enable a better response to the specific interests of this industry. CPS®CARGO provides customer care and advice for the following sectors:

  • CPS®CONSTRUCTION - construction equipment manufacturers
  • CPS®AGRICULTURE - agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • CPS®RAIL - railway/traffic engineering
  • CPS®TRANSPORTATION - automotive construction

CPS®CARGO supports you in all of these sectors with ...

  • comprehensive industrial expertise in logistic processes and structures
  • technical support for our customers' individual solutions
  • a key account field team that knows the industry and the needs of the market
  • a key account in-house team with comprehensive knowledge of product uses
  • a warehouse range of more than 200,000 items specifically for the CARGO segment
  • constant expansion of the product range to include customised and made-to-order special parts
  • central and/or local support for your production sites
  • electronic catalogue management
  • Würth CAD library
  • interfaces and electronic data interchange in various formats and protocols


We are here for you!

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