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Mechanical and systems engineering has always been one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in Germany.

This success is primarily based on certainty: the certainty of knowing you can rely on the suppliers and the components used in terms of the quality, process and product.

C-Parts management for the manufacturing industry

This is exactly the sort of reliability we focus on. That's why you, as a mechanical and systems engineering company, benefit from...

  • Customised C-Part systems
  • A key account field team that knows the industry and the needs of the market
  • A key account in-house team with comprehensive knowledge of product uses
  • A comprehensive procurement policy - customised product solutions for your market
  • Continuously innovative technologies for Kanban logistics and bin management
  • Technical application consulting and design support
  • Process optimisation and cost reduction through fewer items and individual storage management
  • Decentralised and/or centralised supply concepts for your production sites worldwide
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