Commitment - we take responsibility

Commitment on fields of environment, economy and cooperations are close to our heart.

Entrepreneurial action means future-oriented action. As a family company, Würth has been dedicated to this principle ever since starting out. We are involved in all sorts of corporate initiatives, support charitable organizations, and promote numerous projects in the fields of art and culture, research and science as well as education. Sponsoring gives us the possibility to support different kinds of projects, that increase someones quality of life. We choose our partnerships with care to reflect the values of our brand positively in and around our enterprise locations.

We concentrate our commitment on four fields of action:

Arts and Culture

With our cultural commitment we aim for providing our employees as well as the residents of the Main-Tauber valley an increased quality of life and all-round possibilities to create their leisure time.

Leadership Culture around the Drillberg

In a tour of the 800-year history of the region around Bad Mergentheim and its relationship to European history, numerous examples of leadership practice clearly illustrate the characteristics of every epoch. The emerging patterns point to timeless values and maxims that must me followed if leadership is to become a "culture". A rather unique exhibition on the subject of leadership culture has been opened in the Industriepark Würth on the premises of the former "Deutschordenskaserne" on the "Drillberg". It is intended to demonstrate the complexity of responsible leadership behaviour to senior and junior managers in all professions.


From 1527 to 1809, the Castle of Mergentheim was the Grand and German Master of the Teutonic Order's residence. In 1996, the Deutschordensmuseum was reopened here on around 3,000 m². With works of art, models, objects and texts, the history of the Teutonic Order is clearly represented from the beginnings in 1190 up to the present day. We support the Deutschordensmuseum in Bad Mergentheim including their diversified exhibitions, to enable the citizens of Bad Mergentheim a free and demonstrative access to the history of their city. Furthermore we do organise events with artistic and cultural programs.

Würth Philharmoniker

In July 2017, the Würth Philharmoniker were introduced to the public as an own ensemble. The initiative for founding the ensamble goes back to Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, who promotes and supports culture and arts as a carrier of the company philosophy and enrichment for his employees since many years.


Würth Industrie Service supports the european singing competition DEBUT, that stands for extraordinary level. The singing competition takes part every two years and unites economy, technology and culture. DEBUT is an unique way to contribute in the upper grade of the music scene in the state of Baden-Württemberg.


Education and research, Health and social needs

In pursuance of "The human being takes the center stage of our action" we live the social responsibility in the face of our employees and fellow human beings as well as the Main-Tauber Valley. That's the reason why social responsibility plays an important and indispensable role for us. We support regional Clubs and associations in and around Bad Mergentheim and the people in our social and cultural projects.

Regional Schools

Since a few years, Würth Industrie Service supports regional schools in numerous projects, that primarily provide a basis for early intervention programs, language promotions, psychomotricity and holistic guidance. Regardless of their origin, religion, profession and educational background, every student should be able to contribute with his abilities in the society and its environment. Within the framework of company trial days, in particular older students can already gain initial insights into the professional practice of a retail company.

Girls & Boys Day

Girls Day, also known as Girls Future Day, is an annual career orientation campaign exclusively for girls in male-dominated occupations. As a company, we invite schoolgirls and let them have an insight in the work of a male-dominated departent, such as in technical areas. The counterpart to this is the Boys Day, which is aimed at students who are interests in education, study or entry into an area dominated by women.

Organisation for leukemia and cancer diseased children of the University Hospital Würzburg
(Elterninitivative leukämie- und tumorkranker Kinder e. V. der Universitätsklinik Würzburg)

In order to put a smile on children's faces, we sponsor a yearly donation tour to the University Hospital Würzburg of the Rainbow-Station and Treasure Island -Station of the University Hospital Würzburg. The donations are primarily intended to support research into brain tumor study. The Rainbow-Station offers music therapy, clown visits and much more that the children, but also the parents and siblings, have positive experiences and do not forget to smile during the therapy.

Cooperations with handicapped people

Numerous joint projects and organized action days permanently show the lived integration between people with and without disabilities. Cooperations with schools and organisations for mentally handicapped people, the integration office and the agency for work enables young people a vocational classification into enterprises and strenghtes their self-esteem.

Project groups of our trainees

To all employees and trainees of Würth Industrie Service it is a great concern to carry on the idea of bringing the inclusion of people with physical and/or mental disabilities as well as refugees closer in our society. With the help of our project groups led consisting of our trainees, we let the community grow together.



Würth Industrie Service sponsors competitive and mass sport activities in the environment of our headquarters in Bad Mergentheim. Especially the commitment when it comes to para-sports and promoting young talents is close to our heart.

Regional sports teams

Team spirit is given a high profile in our company and is an important part of our philosophy. We do not only live our team spirit within our company, but also whilst supporting particularly regional soccer teams in and around Bad Mergentheim.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is the largest international sports organization for people with a mental disability or multiple disabilities. More than 3 million children, young adults and grown-ups from over 150 nations train and take part in international competitions. Employees and trainees support the sportive integration and assist as volunteers


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