Pre-assembled mounting material: Packed and sorted

Would you like to have individual assembly sets assembled? Have your own small parts assortments packed? Do you need special prepackaged assembly sets for your final assembly? You need repair or tool material sets directly at your production site?

Thanks to our solution CPS®KIT we are able to package your individual assortments exactly as you define them.

Order your supplies with us and we will create units in individual packaging according to your part lists.

CPS®KIT – Individual assortments. Easily packed.

Individual units
Custom construction sets
Have individual units made

We pack all kinds of parts for your needs:

  • > DIN, standard and drawing parts
  • > hand tools
  • > occupational safety articles
  • > special parts
  • > etc.

Your assortment sets are assembled in the quantity of your choice to individual parts sets or mounting kits.

Individual packaging of assortments
Various packaging solutions
The individual assortment is optimally packed

Depending on the purpose, quantity and size your individual assortment will be optimally repackaged:

  • > welded polybag
  • > clip pouch
  • > cardboard packaging
  • > tool cases, bags
  • > KLT bins
  • > blister packaging
  • > skin packaging
Individualize assortments
Everything according to your wishes!
We customise your assortments

We package your assortments exactly as you define them.

Individual printings

  • > your company logo
  • > desired labelling
  • > barcodes
  • > identification sheet

Individual markings

  • > article numbers from your numbering cycle
  • > your product descriptions
  • > traceable batch number
Security of supply
Everything from one source!
Full security of supply guaranteed

Of course, we can provide your individual assortments for you through our versatile supply solutions.

We ensure that you, as our customers, have your small parts for the production needs at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right quality and at the right place of consumption.

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Security from the start

The complete process, from your request to delivery, is transparent by means of status monitoring and meets your quality requirements by incorporating specific inspection plans.

Our parts detection with light barriers as well as the final inspection by means of weight or visual monitoring guarantees complete compliance with your specifications. All specifications, parts lists and packing instructions for the individual components are also linked to the product range in our ERP system.

Benefit from our assortment depth and diversity

With our extensive catalogue and stock range of C-Parts and our specialised product alignment for industrial production, maintenance and servicing from over 1,400,000 products, we are THE C-Parts partner for the manufacturing industry.. Würth is quality. Everywhere and at any time.

We take care of the packaging and provision of your assortments. For you, this means:

  • reduction of your supplier diversity
  • lower storage costs
  • optimised production control
  • time and cost savings
  • helps you focus on your key processes
  • integration into our logistics solutions