Leadership Culture Around the Drillberg – Then and Now - leadership becomes culture when...

...it aligns the will and action with all mental and spiritual power in a free commitment with a common goal.

Leadership Culture exhibition

In a tour of the 800-year history of the region around Bad Mergentheim and its relationship to European history, numerous examples of leadership practice clearly illustrate the characteristics of every epoch.

The emerging patterns point to timeless values and maxims that must be followed if leadership is to become a "culture".

A rather unique exhibition on the subject of leadership culture has been opened in the Industriepark Würth on the premises of the former "Deutschordenkaserne" on the "Drillberg". It is intended to demonstrate the complexity of responsible leadership behaviour to senior and junior managers in all professions.

To do so, this teaching collection provides a platform to illustrate both good and bad examples of leadership from our history. It also enables a comparison between political, military and corporate leadership behaviour. Furthermore, it encourages us, in view of our globalized and interdependent world, to reflect on the importance of old and new values. Features and development lines of leadership culture exemplified by leadership practice throughout history and the leadership tradition of the former armoured brigade 36 at the authentic site in Bad Mergentheim illustrate the roots of modern leadership culture.

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