Workstation of the month
Each model is one of a kind.

Too good to hide them!

Each model is one of a kind.

Too good to hide them!

Workstation of the month

Where are our workplace solutions used? What operations are carried out there? And how do these workstations look like? As part of our series #WorkstationOfTheMonth, we are offering you an insight into the diverse world of workstation solutions and present you a new model every month.

Workstation of the month December

December: Our provisioning wonder

This workstation is a true provisioning wonder! Packaging materials such as documents, bins, cardboard boxes or bubble wrap can be provided here for your intralogistics. The storage shelves can be extended by our CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system, e.g. to suspend trays.

All storage shelves can be operated by hand and are partially extendable. A lock prevents several shelves from being extended at the same time. A handle on the sides facilitates ergonomic operation and ensures mobility.

Workstation of the month November

November: Our multitalent for flexible materials supply

This workstation combines material supply with ergonomics: our intelligent iSHELF®flex is integrated in the shelf at the very top. When empty bins are placed on this shelf, replenishment control is automated via RFID technology and a reorder is triggered - fully in line with the Kanban principle.

The ergonomic design ensures that you can provide everything directly at the point of use and save walking distances: The workstation can be moved around flexibly, and the iSHELF®flex is battery-powered. Due to our WAPS Würth aluminum profile system, the workstation can be configured individually according to your needs, and the CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system ensures that tools, auxiliary materials or other materials can be positioned there ready for use as well.

A true multi-talent for your materials supply!

Workstation of the month Ocotober

Ocotber: Our tool artist

All tools organised and within easy reach - this is possible with our tool artist! The workstation of the month impresses with its clear structure and electronic height adjustability. Thanks to the four swivel castors, it is mobile and can be used wherever the tools are needed.

The CLIP-O-FLEX® suspension system and the OPT-I-STORE® hard foam inserts are the ideal helpers whenever tools need to be stored neatly and they also take on indispensable roles in this workstation!

Particularly practical: the three pull-out levels at the front are not only for the full-surface use of hard foam inserts, but also for storing CLIP-O-FLEX® trays that are not needed for the current work steps.

Workstation of the month 09-2022

September: Our media cart

This workstation offers maximum flexibility when presenting from different angles! The attachment of several swivel arms to the cross profiles makes it possible to attach screens and tablets at the same time and keep them in view. The integration of the CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment rails opens up the possibility of hanging other practical CLIP-O-FLEX® accessories, such as Screenflex.

Sufficient power and network connections are provided directly at the workstation. Under the worktop there is sufficient storage space for electronic components and accessories of the electrical equipment thanks to the 6-drawer block. The media cart is fully mobile thanks to its 4 industrial swivel castors with ball bearings. Its timeless and elegant design makes the media cart a digitalized workplace for your employees as well as an eye-catcher!

Workstation of the month 07-2022

August: Our productivity booster

Thanks to its particularly ergonomic and effective structure, this workstation promotes productivity. On the shelves, small load carriers with consumables can be supplied directly from the Kanban system. Height adjustability and the shelves inclined to the operator also ensure ergonomics in everyday work.

Tools can be provided transparently around the work surface through the CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system or via the tray mounts for OPT-I-STORE® hard foam inserts.

A storage area for private objects under the work surface prevents tripping. If necessary, our WAPS® system can be used to install a bracket structure including LED lighting, which makes it possible to work without damaging the eyes or health, even in poorly lit hall areas.

Workstation of the month 07-2022

July: Our Smart Workplace

The Smart Workplace is our assembly workplace of the future. By using the flexible RFID module iPLACER® and the scale system iSACLE, it provides an automated, demand-oriented supply of C-parts directly at the point of use.

At the smart workplace man and machine work hand in hand. In synergy with the digital rack label iDISPLAY, the worker assistance systems assure certainty in the work processes and reduce complexity. Autonomous shuttles automatically bring items directly to the workplace, reduce walking distances and allow more time for value-adding activities.
Our Innovative Workplace Solutions (CPS®IWS) create the basis: with the help of the Würth Aluminium Profile System (WAPS®), the CLIP-O-FLEX® suspension system, the OPT-I-STORE® rigid foam inserts and the W-KLT®-CLIP container clip, an ergonomic workstation is created that is individually adapted to customer requirements.

Workstation of the month june 2022

June: Our Flexi

Our supply trolley "Flexi", which can be equipped modularly and used flexibly, is part of our standard workstation solutions made of aluminum profiles and can be easily ordered via our online shop. The supply trolley can also be customized to any of your required dimensions.

Our "Flexi" is based on the Würth Aluminum Profile System (WAPS®) and can be equipped with various holders, shelves and trays for work equipment using our CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system. The side-mounted element can be equipped with hard foam inserts for a clear and handy storage of tools. You can also retract this entire element to save space. With its four swivel castors, the "Flexi" supply trolley can be used wherever it is needed - a real talent for flexibility!

Workstation of the month -  tableware master

May: The tableware master

Our May example shows that our workplace solutions are not only used in classic industrial workplaces.

Thanks to our tableware master, the mobile use of dishes is no longer a challenge. The time-consuming, individual packing of cups, plates and glasses becomes a thing of the past!

With the OPT-I-STORE® hard foam inserts, each piece of tableware is optimally stowed away so that it can be transported safely and is quickly at hand on site when needed. The Würth aluminum profile system forms the basis of the trolley and enables clear and space-saving storage thanks to its drawers. With the lockable roller shutter, the tableware can be stored in a way that is safe from access and dust.

Workstation of the month: April - our mobile packaging helper Workstation of the month

April: Our mobile packaging helper

It's not the goods that come to the packing station, but the other way round! With our mobile packing helper, all packing utensils are compactly stowed in one place so that you can quickly and easily approach and pack the desired goods.

Made out of our Würth aluminium profile system, this solution meets numerous requirements for a flexible and ergonomic working environment. The working height can be adjusted via the side crank and individually adapted to the employee and the goods. In addition, the right-hand shelf can be tilted by up to 45°. The two shelves on the left side offer space for cardboard boxes, films or other packaging material. Our CLIP-O-FLEX® suspension system is used on the levels above, enabling the flexible attachment of additional angled shelves, drawing holders or containers with the help of our W-KLT®Clip. A magnetic rail is integrated into the aluminium profile of the 360° swivelling "propeller", which enables documents such as product drawings and work instructions to be attached easily.

Workstation of the month - cable specialist

March: Our cable specialist

Whether pneumatic hose or electric cable, whether large or small reels - this individually configured workstation makes work significantly easier when using rolled goods!

The Würth aluminium profile system (WAPS®) forms the basis of the modular workstation. With the help of our CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system, helpers for length measurement and for the unwinding of cables as well as holders and shelves for cable ties, tools etc. have been attached.

No long searches. No long walking distances. Everything tidy and readily available. Our cable specialist is a real productivity talent!

Arbeitsplatz des Monats - der Kommissionier-Held

February: Our picking hero

Thanks to its placement directly at the pallet conveyor and a tilting device mounted on the side, our workstation of the month is the ideal picking partner at our customer's site. When a carton or bin is lifted, it slides directly onto the pallet conveyor, eliminating the need for multiple lifts. This really adds value in terms of ergonomics and efficiency!

The workstation, which was individually configured for one of our customers, is based on the Würth aluminum profile system (WAPS®) and was equipped with some "productivity aids" of our CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system. The holders for etiquettes, parcel tape dispensers, spray cans, etc. can be flexibly positioned and create the right space for every utensil!

Stay tuned!

More workstations will follow in the course of 2022.

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