Storage management with scale system iSCALE

Flexible in place of use, secure in material supply, cost-efficient in handling

The scale system iSCALE is a part of our system portfolio for automated C-Parts supply. iSCALE is suitable for securely supplying the production materials just like our RFID Kanban solutions. You will reduce your process costs and benefit from an increase in productivity in your supply chain through demand-oriented and automated reordering.

Scale system iSCALE for automated and secure production supply


Functionality of scale system

iSCALE is a sensor-controlled scale, which is directly connected with a Kanban bin.

The sensors continuously monitor the weight of the small parts stored in the bin. As soon as the weight falls below a defined value, the intelligent system automatically initiates a reorder by directly sending the requirement to the ERP system of Würth Industrie Service via radio technology.

More flexibility through decentralised material supply

The self-sufficient scale system offers maximum flexibility and is used to supply material directly at the place of use. It can be used in the assembly line or at the assembly workplace, and ensures that the material flow is lean and saves time. The system can also be used in a traditional Kanban rack, instead of RFID technology. iSCALE is particularly suitable for manufacturing companies having irregular requirements of direct materials.

The scale system is designed for all the bin sizes of Würth Industrie Service.

Benefits of iSCALE:

  • Versatile applications
  • Just in place: Supply of material directly at the place of use
  • Secure supply of production resources in case of irregular requirements
  • Reduction of effort and costs through automated inventory check and reordering
  • Lower capital commitment through reduction in inventory levels
  • Reduction of storage spaces
  • Early identification of fluctuations and peaks in demand
  • Maximum supply security

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