top innovator 2021
top innovator 2021

The innovation elite of Germany's small and medium-sized enterprises

top innovator 2021

The innovation elite of Germany's small and medium-sized enterprises

Re-inventing oneself everyday

Würth Industrie Service awarded as top innovator 2021

Innovation and progress are the principles firmly embedded in the company strategy of Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Bad Mergentheim on the grounds of former Deutschorden barracks that are rich in tradition, and having the most modern logistics centre for industrial supply in Europe. The company has always been focussing on developing innovative solutions dedicated to automation, digitalisation and Industry 4.0. As a result, the C-Parts partner convinced the jury at the 28th round of the innovation competition “TOP 100”, and is thus, among the innovation elite of Germany's small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since 1993, compamedia awards the TOP 100 seal for special innovation and outstanding innovation successes to small and medium-sized enterprises. The innovation researcher, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, is the Scientific Director of the competition since 2002. Around 120 test criteria from five categories such as innovation-friendly senior management, climate of innovation, innovative processes and organisation, outward looking/open innovation and successful innovations were reviewed as part of the scientific selection process. The focus was on reviewing whether innovations are the result of planned action or a product of chance i.e. repeatability of innovation performance and if and how the relevant solutions are established in the market. Owing to the current situation, the entrepreneurial reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic were examined separately.

Employee statement

We asked Lisa, Digital Business Management student, what the award means to her.

"Würth Industrie Service deserves to be among the TOP 100 because the company teaches us trainees innovative ways of working, learning and thinking at a very early stage and there's nothing left to chance in our training course.

With its diverse range of training programs, which are constantly being enhanced by new job profiles, the company is investing in the future and in the skills of their future employees.

I'm very grateful to have been able to gain insights and expertise in the field of innovations while I was still studying."

Every individual is needed – Smart solutions for everyday business

Nowadays, there is an app for every aspect of our life. Information can be communicated; tasks can be completed or data can be exchanged with a simple touch of a button. New network competencies or technologies such as artificial intelligence simulate human intelligence, design processes and replace manual intervention. This approach is also reflected in Würth Industrie Service’s philosophy and culture. “It starts with our employees. We strive to simplify the daily work through efficient processes by implementing smart solutions.”, states Stefan Reuss, Head of IT and Digital Business Development & Innovations at Würth Industrie Service. “Every individual is requested to contribute and reinvent himself/herself every day.”, adds Mr. Reuss. To support this process, there is an in-house Digital Business Development & Innovations department, which provides agile working methods and controls and coordinates innovation projects. Digital learning as well as use of virtual trainings and E-learnings boosts internal knowledge transfer. In this digital world, it is important to set the correct course for the future for the generation of future talents. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it particularly clear that digitalisation of work is in demand more than ever before, and is necessary both economically and politically. Würth Industrie Service therefore considers it indispensable to give attention to valuable resources handling trend-setting megatrends such as Virtual Reality. “We develop innovative solutions for networking with the customers, employees, universities and other business partners interactively by continuously driving the technological evolution of Virtual Reality in-house.”, states Mr. Reuss.

Statement Employee

We asked Lena from our Digital Business Development & Innovations team why Würth Industrie Service deserves to be among the top 100:

"As a medium-sized company, we have been a paragon in impressively demonstrating its ability to meet the challenges of digitalisation by taking diverse efforts. We combine the collaboration with start-ups, universities and research facilities with numerous internal transformation activities. As we say here: “don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk!"

Together towards success – system innovations for and with the customers

Re-inventing oneself every day is the main focus of action for more than 20,000 customers. Digital and connected systems as well as automation technologies have been implemented for many years now. “True to the motto “together towards success!”, we learn from and together with our customer. Keeping this in mind, we develop future-oriented solutions and make the existing systems even better and more efficient.”, clarifies Mr. Reuss. By closely collaborating with research and industry, Würth Industrie Service is aware of the challenges faced by manufacturing companies and creates innovations, which meet the resulting demands of Industry 4.0. The innovation strength of Würth Industrie Service is visible in its supply systems, which engage in high level of automation. One of the innovative new development is about the size of a smartphone: With the battery-operated iPLACER®, the RFID technology is used not only for the ordering process, but also for inventory management. Equipped with a reader and transmitter, this iPLACER® can be placed anywhere - whether in production, at the workplace, in the assembly, logistics or intralogistics. As a result, the customers can benefit from an automated replenishment at any place, and in turn, a complete transparency of their consumptions. Connected systems thus provide the starting point for Industry 4.0 in modern C-Parts management. Owing to increasing customer requirements, high pace of innovation as well as constantly changing competitive and market landscape, Würth Industrie Service increasingly relies on innovation and networks extensively to enhance its capability for innovation, expand its skills and enter new market segments by working together with competent partners.

Impressed by the innovation strategy of Würth Industrie Service, compamedia awarded the company as top innovator 2021. On 26th November, there will be another occasion to celebrate: all the winners of the current year’s Top 100 will gather for the 7th summit for German small and medium-sized businesses in Ludwigsburg to receive the award from Ranga Yogeshwar, the science journalist, who has been a mentor for this competition for innovation for the past ten years.