Safety gloves
Safety for your hands

We will help you to minimise the risk of hand injuries and work together with you on individual hand protection solutions for every application.

Safety for your hands

We will help you to minimise the risk of hand injuries and work together with you on individual hand protection solutions for every application.

Work gloves and safety gloves

Hand protection – Everything under control

Our hands are one of our most important tools; this is why hand protection is of particular importance. Personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves protect our hands from many hazards such as scratches, cuts or abrasions, preventing contact with harsh metals, sharp glass or hazardous chemicals. For these many applications, there is a wide selection of gloves in a wide variety of materials and coatings. With us, you will find the right gloves for the right requirements:

  • disposable gloves
  • chemical protective gloves
  • gloves for thermal and electrical protection
  • protective gloves for mechanical risks
  • cut and stab protection gloves

Mechanical risksThermal risksChemical risks
  • Knitted gloves

  • Nitrile gloves
    - fully coated
    - partly coated

  • Assembly gloves
    - latex
    - ESD
    - PU
    - tricot
    - nitrile

  • Cut-resistant gloves
    - PU
    - nitrile

  • Leather Gloves
    - full leather
    - nappa leather
    - split leather

  • Heat protection gloves

  • Cold protection gloves
    - fully coated
    - partly coated

  • Welding Gloves
    - full leather
    - nappa leather
    - split leather

  • Chemical protective gloves
    - nitrile
    - butyl
    - PVC
    - nitrile disposable
    - vinyl disposable
    - latex disposable

The categories of protective gloves

The requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and their applications are regulated in Europe by the overall European Directive 89/686/EEC and further specified by numerous standards and laws. To meet the various requirements for PPE in the commercial sector, there is a division into three risk categories:

Category 1
Small risk

These are gloves for minimal risks and thus low danger of injury, e.g. with repairs or protection against dirt. The gloves must comply with the basic requirements of EN 420 and must be marked with the CE mark. A type examination is not required, a declaration of conformity is sufficient.

Category 2
Medium risk

This category is for gloves with increased risk of injury. Here, an additional type examination is required. This standard covers, for example, the gloves of EN 388, for protection against mechanical hazards.

Category 3
High risk

Here, in addition to the type examination, a quality control according to ISO is required. This includes all PPE, e.g. firefighter or chemical protection gloves. If these are not up to the quality mark, they may cause serious damage to the health of the wearer. (mortal dangers)

Cut resistant gloves

Cut resistant gloves

Injuries to the hands are unpleasant and also often affect the worker for a long time. In many areas, wherever sharp-edged objects are handled, cut-resistant gloves are legally required. Cut-resistant gloves are particularly resistant to puncture and protect against mechanical hazards. Despite the sturdy and robust materials, our gloves offer a high wearing comfort, a good fit as well as flexibility and tact.

ESD Assembly gloves

When handling sensitive electronic components, electronic voltages can cause considerable damage if discharged in an uncontrolled manner. You can avoid this by wearing gloves that dissipate these charges.

Find our ESD assembly gloves in our online shop:

ESD gloves

New markings for protective gloves according to EN 388: 2016

So far, the test method according to EN 388:2003 has been used. With the new registration new test methods and performance evaluations were defined. There is no direct correlation between the results of the two test procedures. The new test procedure in accordance with EN 388:2016 / ISO 13997 now delivers better results. EN 388:2016 also regulates the labelling and contents of the manufacturer information. All Würth cut resistant gloves comply with DIN EN 388. Use the numbers and letters in the following section to see how the gloves passed the tests.

EN 388
EN 388

Supply concepts for occupational safety products

Just as important as the selection of suitable protective equipment is the availability of the items. Together with you, we develop the best possible logistics solution for the supply of occupational safety products according to your individual needs

  • centrally in the material warehouse
  • centrally at a defined location in production
  • decentralised in every area of production with the required articles (e.g. directly in the welding shop or in pre-assembly, etc.)
Occupational safety machine

Retrieval of health and safety articles made easy!

Vending machines are particularly suitable for the individual removal of safety items, which your employees can easily withdraw, when required, by pincode or similar.

Shelf system Orsy

Demand-oriented storage of health and safety articles

We offer different shelving components that can be combined individually to create a shelf that suits your needs.