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Our test laboratory specialised in connection technology is accredited for more than 50 test methods conforming to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and serves as official and independent test station. With an area of 800 square metres, it is equipped with latest test devices, which together with qualified employees and end-to-end quality management offer optimum conditions for reliable test results.


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Our laboratory expert, Mr. Caliper, will take you on a tour of our test methods and will explain to you the meaning, application purpose and process of the individual testing services in simple terms. You will receive background information about core hardness test, surface hardness test, measurement test, friction coefficient test, salt spray test, angular tensile test as well as microstructure analysis and material analysis.

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Your senses are your assets. It is important to protect them.


Your senses are your assets. It is important to protect them.

Loud, louder, silence

Ear is one of the most important and sensitive sensory organs. It is exposed to considerable noise pollution on a daily basis, which steadily affects the hearing. In order to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, one of the most common occupational diseases, it is important to select the correct ear protection in the noise-intensive environments, which is suitable for the noise levels and the working conditions.


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