Customer reference: Danfoss A/S – ORSY®mat vending machines in global use

Danfoss Group, a Danish company engineering solutions that allows the world to use resources in smarter ways, has 72 production facilities in 20 countries and employs more than 28,000 people.The solutions of Danfoss, deployed worldwide, help to optimise the supply of fresh food products and ensure extra comfort in private, public and commercial facilities. With its product portfolio, it is also possible to design energy-efficient infrastructures as well as connected systems and make better use of renewable energy at the same time. The solutions of Danfoss are used in refrigeration technology and air conditioning technology, heating, engine control and mobile machines.

Danfoss A/S


Innovative technologies for a better, more efficient and more sustainable future: This approach is the focus of all the solutions, not only for the customers of Danfoss A/S, but above all for the activities in in-house production and intralogistics. Wherever there is presence and coordination of the flow of goods, information and data, there is a huge scope for improving the processes.


Objective of the new production supply

  • Increase in productivity in intralogistics
  • Innovative technologies
  • Maximum transparency
  • Maximum cost-savings
  • Reducing coordination efforts
  • Reduction of time-consuming, manual activities

The solution: ORSY®mat vending machine solutions

A missing tool or a missing equipment can bring the production of a company to a standstill and thus entail significant costs. The ORSY®mat vending machine solutions from Würth Industrie Service make sure this never happens. The intelligent ORSY®mat system digitally and automatically reorders the withdrawn items by taking a complete overview of the inventory and also provides an overview of the consumption and costs. Moreover, the storage is secured and loss can be reduced to a minimum through a secured access authorisation. As a first step, a pilot project was started at Danfoss’s Neumünster facility in Germany to test the requirements and needs for a seamless and automatic MRO supply with two departments operating as usual. Two flap-based vending machines and four rotation-based vending machines were installed for various product groups. After a period of six months, the other 20 vending machines were rolled-out in ten decentralised dispensing stations. To ensure that Danfoss can also benefit from the pioneering developments of Würth Industrie Service, the latest ORSY®mat WGT vending machine for dispensing of personal protective equipment was implemented in Parchim facility in Germany in March. The ORSY®mat WGT weighing system detects the withdrawal of an item on the basis of the integrated weighing cells, in which the weight of the stored item is saved. By using this technology, individual items can be withdrawn without depending on the packaging unit.

Whether in Slovakia, France or Poland, the vending machines are a complete success and contribute to more efficiency and productivity by significantly reducing the costs and saving the time required for procurement.

"All the employees working in the factories were able to withdraw their protective equipment such as gloves or goggles as well as other consumables such as adhesive tapes directly in the hall using their employee card via RFID. Completely autonomous, without diversions and without dependency on a centralised place for material dispensing.“ Lars Peter Christiansen, Global Category Manager at Danfoss


Further success stories of our supply systems

Nowadays, electronic system solutions are the be-all and end-all of an efficient sourcing of C parts.

For instance, for Gerhardi, a driver of innovation, a scanner-based sourcing system with connection to an online shop is an indispensable precondition for a smoothly running just-in-time production. This is why they looked for an automated process that was standardized but still allowed for flexible orders as well.

GERHARDI nutzt elekronische Lösungen der Würth Industrie Service