Eye protection - keeping an eye on safety

The eye is exposed to a variety of hazards that can be classified in three groups:

  • Chemical (acids, alkalis, gases, vapours, mists, smoke)
  • Mechanical (dust, foreign bodies)
  • Visual (UV and IR radiation, glare from light)

Safety through acceptance: Protection against various hazards can only be guaranteed if protective safety equipment is worn at all times. Würth safety goggles are characterised by a number of features that help encourage wearer acceptance:

  • Excellent comfort
  • Perfect fit
  • Modern, sporty design
  • Maximum safety
  • Protection with style
Unique coating

Unique coating: A special coating technology makes it possible to produce a lens with a highly scratch-resistant exterior and permanently fog-free interior.
They guarantee 100% UV protection.

Scratch-resistant coating

Scratch-resistant coating: Outside: special coating for extremely high scratch resistance.

Anti-fog coating

Anti-fog coating: Inside: permanently fog-free thanks to special coating.

Eye protection
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