Our history: 20 years of Würth Industrie Service


In January the Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG was founded as the subsidiary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. The acquired terrain of the german order barracks were expanded to the industrial park Würth.

Industrial park Würth
Inauguration of the Kanban Logistics Centre


On January, 1st Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG takes over the operation of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG's industrial division. The Kanban Logistics Centre is inaugurated in February.


In June, Würth Industrie Service wins VDI‘s WIN/WIN-Cup together with Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH.

Industry sectors


In February, sales are divided into: Automotive, Cargo, Kanban and E-Commerce. In July, Würth Industrie Service begins supplying customers in Switzerland from Bad Mergentheim.


In March 2003, Würth Industrie Service begins providing logistics services to Würth Industrie France's customers. In the same month, the kanban storage facility begins expanding to include an additional 5,500 pallet spaces over an area of 2000m².

Kanban storage
Groundbreaking ceremony of the high rack warehouse


On February,12th, the groundbreaking ceremony is held for beginning the construction of the high rack warehouse N07 with 15,000 pallet spaces and a height of 45 m. The high rack warehouse is operational by the end of the year, and there is an inauguration of the newly constructed shipping and receiving warehouse.

Another milestone is achieved on July, 4th: 400 employees.


Bad Mergentheim gets the green light to start deliveries to Spain and the new EU countries. The new WINWORK® companies in India and China help strengthen the industrial network in Asia. In Mexico, another company is brought on board to serve local production sites for global customers.

Groundbreaking ceremony Reinhold Würth House


A groundbreaking ceremony is held on February, 21st for renovations to convert the former Café Waldeck on the Ketterberg in Bad Mergentheim into the Reinhold Würth House, a conference and event centre.

The new subsidiary in the United Kingdom, as well as companies in Brazil and South Africa help to strengthen the Würth INdustrial NetWORK (WINWORK®).


On January, 30th, the grand opening gala is held at the Reinhold Würth Haus. A second high rack warehouse (N08) is built, which directly adjoins the existing high rack warehouse (N07). It goes into operation in December.

In July, the 700th employee and the100th sales representatives in the company's history is hired.

Reinhold Würth House
Kanban rack


The company achieves another milestone: more than 700,000 active Kanban bins.

Another milestone is achieved: 800 employees.


There is an exciting innovation in Kanban Logistics: W-KLT®, the new model is developed!

The Würth Group is awarded the German Logistics Prize 2009 by German Logistics Association (BVL).

Bambus-Champion 2010


Awarding of the Bambus Champion 2010: Yearly companies are awarded, which have compared with their competitors an outstanding growth, innovation and other success factors.

The company achieves another milestone: CLAAS Hungria Kft. is Kanban customer number 800.


Another milestone is achieved: 1,000 employees.

As part of the Open House, on September, 17th & 18th, there is an inauguration of the expanded logistics center.

The 900th Kanban customer is KACO new energy.

High rack warehouse


C-Parts without limits - More than 1,000,000 articles in the industry product range.

Official start of the production of the new Kanban bin W-KLT®2.0: the revolution in Kanban logistics.

Introduction of the CPS®ORSYmat 3.0 - A new stocking and despensing system.


iBin® - Stocks in focus
On January, 16th, Würth Industry Service was the first C-Parts partner to present a visual ordering system which will revolutionize the entire Materials Managements sector. For the first time, it is possible to automatically transfer filling levels, quantities and article information on a bin level to the inventory managment system - in real time.



15 years ago, on January, 13th, in 1999, Würth Industrie Service was founded as an independent subsidiary of the Würth Group in Bad Mergentheim.

iBin®WP - Cross-linked workstation supply
In February 2014, the first concept of Industry 4.0 for C-Parts managment in the factory of the future was presented.


iDISPLAY and APP CPS®MOBILE - Digital C-Parts managment of the future

Presentation of the study for multifunctional shelf labeling and the matching App on the 20th of January 2015.

Is your factory really lean?


Is your factory really lean? Get to know our holistic concept for a lean production


Since May, 16th, the expansion of the high rack warehouse has increased the capacity by more than 49,000 pallet spaces to the current 650,000 warehouse spaces, which are including 150,000 for pallets.

The testing laboratory of Würth Industrie Service is accredited as an official testing laboratory.

iPLACER® complements the RFID portfolio.

For the first time, Würth Industrie Service achieves a turnover of more than EUR 500 million.

High rack warehouse
Building project


Further investments to expand the location are being implemented, including the expansion of the high rack warehouse by 30,000 pallet spaces.

With CPS®miLOGISTICS, not only standard and special parts, but also non-Würth products are integrated into C-Parts Management and included in efficient Kanban delivery by Würth Industrie Service.

The 1,500th employee is hired.


New vending machine technologies: The ORSY®mat WGT and ORSY®mat CHE vending machines are self-contained systems that operate independently from the dispenser models listed above.

The current expansion of the Logistics Centre is continuing.