COLDMELT® – Technology

Connection technology for lightweight material construction

COLDMELT® technology from Würth is an innovative system solution for joining lightweight wood materials. Especially customers from the caravan industry are currently making more and more use of lightweight materials in interior construction in order to counteract the constant increase in weight due to prescribed safety features and new comfort equipment on vehicles. With COLDMELT® technology, Würth is responding to the requirements of many customers and offering an innovative method that, in addition to the quick and easy processing, is very economical in comparison to existing, inadequate options for joining lightweight wood materials. Reproducible work results ensure maximum process reliability and are therefore the ideal solution for industrial processing for the caravan sector and its suppliers.

And this is how it works

The application of mechanical vibrations in the ultrasonic range of 20.5 kHz causes the thermoplastic COLDMELT® anchors to be set in motion relative to the wood-based material (e.g. lightweight panel). Due to the resulting friction heat, the anchors melt and the liquid thermoplastic material flows into the porous structure of the wood-based material, resulting in a strong connection. Very little heat is generated in this process. Würth's COLDMELT® technology, which is based on the WoodWelding® technology developed by Swiss WW WoodWelding GmbH, has recently been introduced as a highly efficient alternative.

Coldmelt technology

These newly created attachment points offer two main advantages: on the one hand, they are a strong attachment point for fixing fittings, while, on the other hand, the thin top layers of light sandwich materials are tightly joined, so that the lightweight panel can be transformed into a full material panel at individual points without losing its weight advantage.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use
  • More economical than previous connection technologies
  • Clean and strong connections
  • Short process time (Adhesive-free and ready for immediate use - no waiting time)
  • High pull-out resistance
  • Reproducible and stable process
  • Thermally resistant (from -20 to +80°C)

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