Comparison of clamp variants

Hose clamps
For Against
Wide diameter rangeRigid system
Cost-effective production with large diametersMaintenance-intensive
High hose pulling forces Comparatively expensive with small diameters
 Time-consuming and expensive installation tool: torque and closing speed must be controlled
 Risk of injury due to protruding band
Ear hose clamps
For Against
Corrosion-resistant base materialPossible hose damage
Small clamp widthNot reusable (destructive dismantling)
Low space requirementsSpecial pliers necessary for installation
High hose pulling forcesHigh force required for installation
Cost-effective Very rigid fastenerVery small working range (strongly linked to diameter)
 The force of the clamp depends on the pressing force of the assembly tool (complex controls required)
Spring band clamps
For Against
Highly flexibleComparatively
Simple installation even on hard-to-reach connectionshigh demands on the hose/support system
Very even surface pressure (distribution of radial force)Hose/support/system must be taken into account
Adhesion to the hose possible in pre-opened condition 
Protects the hose 
Reusable Linked to diameter 
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