BACK to WORK: Hygiene products

Back to Work: Products for your safety

As a reliable C-Parts partner, we are there for you. Under the motto "Back to Work" we support you with a variety of product and system solutions on your return to your workplace environment.

For the implementation of hygiene measures in your company, we have expanded our range with new occupational safety and hygiene products.



Respirator mask 8620

Respirator mask 8620

  • FFP2 without Valve
  • 0991507649
Folding mask GL001A

Folding mask GL001A

  • FFP2 without valve
  • 0991508505



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Face protection

Face protection

Face Protection Uvex 9710

  • Protects against drops and splashes of liquids, decreasing the risk of droplet infection
  • Complete protection against viruses, bacteria or other biological agents is only partially given
  • Not suitable for protection against mechanical hazards, such as flying particles with higher energy
  • Use only for the duration of the current health hazard
  • Can be combined with face masks
  • PPE category: Category II
  • Article number: 0991505040

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Safety goggles

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Protective gloves


Nitrile gloves

Disposable protective gloves Multitril® V 747

  • Material: nitrile, natural latex free
  • cuddly fit & very high tactile sensitivity
  • improved grip through fingertip roughening
  • improved tear resistance
  • Variation: rolled edge, unpowdered, fingertips napped
  • Total layer thickness (mm): 0,15
  • Colour: blue
  • Classification: Category I
  • Length (mm): 280 - 300
  • 0991446633 (Size 7)
  • 0991446636 (Size 8)
  • 0991446637 (Size 9)
  • 0991447323 (Size 10)

Expected to be available from mid-July.

Hand disinfection CARAMBA

Hand disinfection CARAMBA

  • 5993539312 (1L)
  • 5993539313 – bottle with flip top (150ml)
  • 5993539314 – Bottle with trigger (150ml)
Hand disinfection HALAXAN

Hand disinfection HALAXAN

Aloe Vera components have a caring and refatting effect.

  • 5993539610 (100ml)
  • 5993539611 (500ml)
  • 5993539675 (1L)
Hand disinfection BECKER CHEMIE

Hand disinfection BECKER CHEMIE

Limited virucidal, fragrance-free, colourless, liquid.

  • 5993539330 (500ml)
  • 5993539331 (1L)


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Disinfection column

Mobile disinfection column CLASSEN stainless steel

Mobile, attractive solution for all areas of application where hand disinfection is useful:

  • Flexible use everywhere
  • Solid and tilt resistant construction
  • Height adjustable in 5 steps (thus also optimally usable for daycare centres etc.)
  • Appealing stainless steel look with clear "STOP!" sign in RAL3000 (red)
  • Rubber feet suitable for all floors
  • Hand dispenser with protective bracket for padlock can be secured from the rear (padlock not included)
  • Through hole at the bottom of the column for local securing with a chain
  • Hygienic, easy to clean surface structure
  • Delivery completely assembled
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Total height approx. 1485 mm, foot (L x W) 365 x 365 mm
  • Weight approx. 14 kg
  • Article number: 5993539572 (1L)

Washroom products

Toilet paper dispenser horizontal
Dimensions: H: 150mm/ W: 260mm/ D: 150mm
Article number: 0991316182
Toilet paper dispenser vertical
Dimensions: H: 300mm/ W: 145mm/ D: 145mm
Expected to be available from mid/end July
Article number: 0991394679
Toilet paper 2-ply
Quantity: 8x8 rolls of 250 sheets
Article number: 0991315185
Toilet paper 3-ply
Quantity: 9x8 rolls of 250 sheets
Article number: 0991315396
Manual towel roll dispenser
Dimensions: H: 370mm/ W: 320mm/ D: 220mm
Article number: 0991315514
Towel roll dispenser
Dimensions: H: 370mm/ W: 320mm/ D: 220mm
Article number: 0991315757
Cellulose, bright white, 2-ply
Dimensions: 20,3 cm x 300 m
Quantity: 6 rolls per PU / 40 PU per pallet
Article number: 0991315172
Folding towel dispenser – simple capacity
Dimensions: H:290mm/ W:295mm/ D:165mm
Expected to be available from mid/end July
Article number: 0991315797
Foldable towel dispenser – 2-fold capacity
Dimensions: H:375mm/ W:280mm/ D:137mm
Expected to be available from mid/end July
Article number: 0991315759
Folded towels – 1-ply natural crepe
Dimensions: 25 x 23 cm
Quantity: 5000 pieces per PU/ 32 cartons per pallet
Article number: 0991314760
Folded towels – 2-ply white
Dimensions: 24 x 23 cm
Quantity: 4000 pieces per PU/ 32 cartons per pallet
Article number: 0991315091
Folded towels – 2-ply bright white
Dimensions: 25 x 22 cm
Quantity: 4050 pieces per PU/ 32 cartons per pallet
Article number: 0991315118

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You are welcome to place orders with your personal contact person or directly with our occupational safety experts.

Our product experts will be happy to advise you. They will support you with questions regarding the legally compliant storage of products as well as individual PPE and skin protection plans.

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