Innovation through cooperation

Würth Industrie Service and Fraunhofer allow systems to communicate – Digital. Real. Transparent.

Innovations and innovation processes in companies take place in an environment of increasing customer requirements, high pace of innovation and constantly changing competitive and market environment. It demands a maximum of strategic and long-term action.

Companies see the conclusion of cooperation agreements as one of the approaches for dealing with increasing complexity. Würth Industrie Service too utilises innovation cooperations and networks to enhance its capability for innovation, expand its competences and explore new market segments by working together with competent partners.

Cooperation with Fraunhofer IML: together towards success!

Since 2013, we are successfully develop intelligent future-oriented solutions together with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, which meet the resulting demands of Industry 4.0. We are able to implement technology trends for an efficient C-Parts management in a timely and precise manner by actively working together with highly qualified scientists. Thus, Würth Industrie Service plays a significant and long-term part in developing the logistics of the future.

Stefan Reuss, Head of Digital Solutions and IT of Würth Industrie Service is convinced: “As a young and innovative company, Würth Industrie Service profits from the highly efficient professional and methodical expertise in all areas. We can utilise the complete know-how of Fraunhofer network. New ideas can be converted into solutions and practice-oriented systems as well as application-specific products in a structured manner. The cooperation between Fraunhofer IML and Würth Industrie Service offers the necessary flexibility.“

Digitalisation as pioneering driving force in modern C-Parts management

Connected systems provide the starting point for Industry 4.0 in modern C-Parts management. These are the systems that generate a large amount of data. This also applies to digitalised ordering, managing and handling of production goods and operating supplies. Millions of data records are accumulated per month in a middle-sized industrial company. At the same time, it is extremely important to harmonise and efficiently align the value chain and intralogistics processes. Only a customised business model turns the data supply of Würth Industrie Service into a potential turnover. This is exactly where we start with the new concept of purely data-driven business models in the course of existing cooperation and actively engage in development.


iDISPLAY meets the claim “Connected systems – Digital. Real. Transparent.“ in its full functionality. The company develops the study in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IML. The result of the prototype: another milestone in C-Parts management in the direction of Industry 4.0. The manufacturing companies can directly interact at the storage location and directly initiate different processes within their value chain using iDISPLAY, a multifunctional shelf label, which functions independently. For the first time, not only an exchange is possible from the digital to the real world but also communication from the reality to the virtuality. It provides maximum transparency in data and information!


iBin®: The first intelligent Kanban bin

iBin® is an optical ordering system that revolutionises the entire materials industry in a sustainable way. For the first time, it is possible to obtain the information about quantity, number and order status of the items at bin level via the built-in camera and transfer it to the ERP system automatically using the RFID technology. Therefore, not only is it possible to ensure just-in-time delivery of small parts needed for production on a requirement-driven basis, but C-Parts can be supplied in real time using an image format. The iBin® is developed together by Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG and Würth Industrie Service and demonstrates exceptionally high level of innovativeness of the companies of Würth-Group. Since LogiMAT 2013, numerous developments and innovative approaches of technology were reviewed during the cooperation work.

Seamless indoor localisation and indoor navigation

In order to design the application area in the storage location more effectively in the future, Würth Industrie Service also will focus on developing innovative solutions for seamless indoor localisation and indoor navigation together with Fraunhofer IML allowing the customers to localise our systems on site. Whether Kanban systems, storage systems or vending machines: in order to optimise the onsite support, the company relies on the expertise of Fraunhofer network.

Indoor localisation at Würth Industrie Service

Modern C-Parts management – The key to success.
Würth Industrie Service sees the conclusion of cooperation as the key to success. In particular, the cooperation with Fraunhofer IML improves our understanding of innovative skills. Due to global competition, increasing customer demands and high innovative speeds, this is the only way to convert visions into reality in a consistent and timely manner.