We offer more than a secure employment!

In addition to the normal statutory employee benefits, we give our employees a wide range of benefits that increase their level of personal security and that of their families, provide flexibility and enable a balance to the professional everyday life

Financial Benefits

The financial protection of our employees are important concerns.

Next to the company pension we support through capital-forming benefits and special conditions at the Würth Versicherungsdienst GmbH & Co. KG (insurance service) and Betriebskrankenkasse Würth (company health insurance fund). Furthermore, our employees benefit from special rates in our company canteen, holiday pay and Christmas bonus and financial reward for service with the company as well as for births and marriages. Besides, we encourage the further development of our employees and support external training courses.

Family and Career

Flexible working hours and individual part-time work schemes enable employees to reconcile their work with raising children, nursery pick-up times, a family and a household, as well as club and recreational activities.

In consultation with the supervisor, employees' working hours can be adapted flexibly to their respective needs and life situation, so that professional changes can also be made again and again.

And so even those in management positions such as team leaders can work either in the office or from a home office.

Health Management

In the context of demographic change the harmonisation of work and private life become increasingly important. Only those who feel happy can fully exploit their potential and will be ready to do so. It is for this reason that we have already taken measures to ensure our employees can maintain this feel-good factor in the long-term.

The measures are aimed at the well-being of our employees and are intended to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own health and to provide them with means to do this, such as company sports groups, sports classes, active breaks, health checks and healthy food in our company canteen.

Art & Culture

The Engagement with art and culture is firmly established in the Würth-Group. A major concern is to support and pass on the historical background of the region. Furthermore, the maintenance of the cultural diversity is close to our heart.

Exhibitions in the "Museum Würth" and the "Kunsthalle Würth" can be not only visited by our employees but also by the entire public.