Project Groups

Would you like to get involved with other apprentices in addition to the day-to-day tasks involved in your apprenticeship?

Are you creative, do you have ideas and do you actively participate in groups?

Then our apprenticeship projects are just the thing for you. Whether you join the apprenticeship committee or the "Social Learning" project group, take part in site tours, join our Facebook or apprentice newspaper editorial team, there is a perfect team to suit anyone wishing to play a part and develop.

Apprenticehip project groups

Good organisational skills? Join the apprenticeship committee.

If you are proactive and committed, you can become an active member of the apprenticeship committee. With its members voted in annually, the committee links apprentices with both the apprenticeship management team and the company management.

As part of the committee you will work with other apprentices to coordinate and implement interesting projects such as skiing trips, internal football tournaments or even the annual Valentine's Day project.

Journalistic talent? The editorial team for the apprentice newspaper is looking forward to hearing your ideas.

As a member of the editorial team for WIS-À-WIS, the Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG apprentice newspaper, you can report on particular experiences during your apprenticeship, exciting facts about Würth Industrie Service and many other things that you have experienced and found interesting, both within the company and outside of work.

Fill young people with enthusiasm for Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG. The Virtual World Facebook team.

Do you have a creative mind? Do you enjoy writing and keeping up to date with the latest goings-on, as well as keeping others informed? Then the Virtual World Team is the place for you. On our "Würth Industrie Service Jobworld" Facebook page a group of apprentices, supported by the marketing and human resources departments, presents Würth Industrie Service as an attractive employer to encourage young people to apply for apprenticeships.

"Social Learning" project group. Experience moments of happiness together.

For more than ten years Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG has collaborated with Sprungbrett e.V. — the non-profit association for the integration of people with disabilities. The "Social Learning" apprentices' project group was launched a few years ago and organises several projects together with the association members throughout the year. These include activities such as arts and crafts evenings or even the opportunity to complete a one-week internship in a social welfare institution.

Impart knowledge. Site visits.

As part of your apprenticeship you can also inspire other young people to undertake an apprenticeship with a future. There are no limits to how creative you can be during the regular site visits or application training sessions for school classes.